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making faces can be tailored to your needs.

How long are the workshops… how long do you want them to be? making faces can be tailored to your needs. Workshops can be held over two hours to over one to four days. Whatever your schedule and whatever your needs, it can be done.

Where it works… making faces workshops can be held in schools, health care facilities, gymnasiums, community centres, halls, anywhere there’s room, we’ll fill it. Send us a message or call us today to discuss what making faces can do for you.

Who can attend… our workshops can be tailored to all age groups. Why should kids have all the fun? Adults also benefit from the workshops. For younger students, workshops can be kept short and held over a weekend or a few days.

skills the program builds on:

Anything else?

Sure! Michael can bring making faces to your town and train facilitators so you can run your own making faces workshops.
Contact us for more details.

Speak to your local AboutFace chapter or hospital about hosting the making faces workshops in your area.
In the future, we hope to produce a training booklet and workshop video.